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Hunnebovägen 60

SE-456 61 Hunnebostrand

Tel +46 (0) 523-55215


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     Welcome to Hunnebostrand some 10  km north from Smögen and Kungshamn.

                                                               in Bohuslän on the West Coast of Sweden

                                                              Autum is here know.



                                                                                   Welcome to Hotel Kaprifol

                                             One of the most  cozy hotels in the world. Seen through the beautiful,

                                                                     artistic eyes by Renate Mildner-Müller




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                                                                         On tour with Kurt .


                                                                "Lobster enthusiasts"
                                                     Welcome to lobster safari 2017

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Welcome to Uncle Hallons country store which became Hotel Kaprifol. A cozy small family hotel with a personal atmosphere, which the entire world can find. It is open all year. The hosts are Helga and Lars Fossum. Come as a guest, leave as a friend! We offer a large sun terrace with veranda overlooking the sea. Hunnebostrand is a little gem on the West Coast, where granite cliffs meet the sea. Spring winds, summer sea-bathing, or the winter rocks in a glistening blanket of snow in bright sunshine gives the feeling of "Vivaldi's Four seasons" played by Hunnebo Strand's nature just for you. Welcome!

Hotel Kaprifol can now also offer their guests to eat at the hotel

  • Free access to internet
  • Large breakfast buffe is included in our rates
  • Café
  • Romantic garden
  • Banquet and parties
  • Free parking for all 19 rooms.

Photos from the hotel and Hållö.

Renate Mildner-Müller

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