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Honeysuckle House – where the honeysuckle blossoms everywhere around the house – carries a fascinating history:  Hotel Kaprifol


From the beginning a well-known village shop, popular with the neighbourhood children buying fruit candy from the nice old owner called " Farbro Hallon " The building later housed a car dealer, a data store and a business hotel at various times. Later the house was bought by a man from Portugal, who wished to establish a hotel in the house. The house was yellow at the time, and as he wanted to feel more Swedish, he had the lower part of the house painted blue – the colours of the Swedish flag. This made the house look rather ugly – but still pretty funny. He gave character to the room number signs with Portuguese tiles, which we have kept.

He then sold the place, which had not really started its life as a hotel, to an elderly couple. Now the guest house was named Hotel Kaprifol, and the business was launched.

After some years a new owner took over, but sold it again after just one year.


The year of 2000, when we took over the small guest house with seven rooms of  hostel standard, was a magic year for me personally. The beautiful fjord, the view of which can be admired from our terrace, glittered like a lovely big salmon, and it seemed to summon me: “come and stay here, come and stay here!”  I followed the challenge, bought the place and fell in love both with Honeysuckle House and with Hunnebostrand.


Now, 14 years later, we have a small family hotel with 19 rooms, most of which with private TV, shower and toilet facilities. We are also proud to offer 19 parking spaces, one for each room –so no need for our guests to search for a parking space. The parking is included in the room rate. Both Hotel Kaprifol and Villa Rosa offer nice rooms, the furniture and the comfortable beds purchased from the Furniture House Lantz, one of Sweden’s finest  suppliers of furniture and interior decorations.


In order to keep the charm from the old village shop, we kept, among other things, some of the linoleum floors, now partially covered with kelim rugs -  a mix of nostalgia and beauty. It has been a challenge to renovate the hotel, which has been done in various steps and according to the contents of the “piggy bank”.


Over the years, we have been very pleased to welcome new and returning guests, have taken pride in arranging weddings, parties and lobster safaris. There is still a lot to experience at Hotel Kaprifol..

                                                We never will forget " Farbror Hallon "  


Welcome to Uncle Hallons country store which became Hotel Kaprifol. A cozy small family hotel with a personal atmosphere, which the entire world can find. It is open all year. The hosts are Helga and Lars Fossum. Come as a guest, leave as a friend! We offer a large sun terrace with veranda overlooking the sea. Hunnebostrand is a little gem on the West Coast, where granite cliffs meet the sea. Spring winds, summer sea-bathing, or the winter rocks in a glistening blanket of snow in bright sunshine gives the feeling of "Vivaldi's Four seasons" played by Hunnebo Strand's nature just for you. Welcome!

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